Character Background


NAME Bastian

RACE / ROLE: Hērōs / Defender

Character Description: an absolute brute of a man’ muscle for hire if you want something or someone broke he is your man, if you want someone to look after your baby with his life he is your man. im thinking the hound out of game of thrones type demeanor loyal to a sin as long as the cause and coin is right.


Bastian’s Intelligence: D4: Not very bright

Bastian’s Strength:D12: Olympian

How Agile Bastian is:D8: Above Average

Bastian’s Resistance to Pain:D10: Very Hardy

How Charming Bastian is:  D6: Average

Bastian’s Combat Training:  D12: A Grand Master

How Perceptive Bastian is: D4: Oblivious

How Stealthy Bastian is:  D4: Not at All!


D8 in Axe, Spear, Stamina

Characters Fear: being trapped

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