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Each month I create content at the request of my GMD VIP Members who support the products I create for the Pegasus Engine and more.

Last month GMD VIP Member Waracolyte requested that I created some artwork for his Vorokian Character being used in the Starfall CORE World Campaign Setting playtest. He also requested that the artwork be used in the Starfall CORE World Guide Book.

Not a problem! So I went live on Discord while being kept company by GMD Members and created the artwork live.

Axel appears in this month’s edition of the Oracle which you can download for free now!

We did not only discuss artwork and Axel as a character but life in general. Was really nice to catch up with Waracolyte and other Members too as they popped in to say hi.

Axel is a Scrapper and armed with two energized Chakrams which he puts to good use defending the Colonies against the Saurian Confederacy.

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