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GMD CORE RPG: Vehicles & Mounts Guide

A Source Book for the GMD CORE RPG

The CORE RPG is required to use this Source Book!

The Vehicles & Mounts Guide expands upon and in some places replaces the rules for Vehicular & Mount based combat and adventures.

Within this book, you will find beautifully illustrated artwork and a professionally laid out design making learning the rules fun and inspiring.

With the help of the Vehicle Character Sheets, your characters can own their own Vehicles and developed them by way of Vehicle Development Points. The same goes for Mounts too! They have their own unique character sheet and can be developed with Character Development Points by way of training.

  • The rules include:
  • Full stats for both Vehicle & Mounts
  • A new set of Vehicle Movement Rules
  • New Combat Actions available for Vehicles and Mounts
  • Rules for Various situations involving Vehicles & Mounts
  • Three new vehicle damage types
  • New Environmental & Atmospheric Effects
  • New Surfaces
  • Advanced Rules for 3-D Combat
  • Expanded Specialisation & Perks Lists for Character Roles
  • 15 New Specialisations
  • 21 New Perks
  • 48 Fully started Vehicles
  • New GM Tool: Vehicle Construction for creating unique Vehicles to be used with GMD CORE Worlds Including:
    • Motor Vehicles
    • Walkers/Mechs
    • Aircraft
    • Starships
    • VTOLS
    • Motorised Watercraft
    • Sailing Ships
    • Submersibles
  • All new Vehicle Development Point rules for characters to improve and customise their own vehicles
  • New Scene Rules including:
    • Racing Scenes
    • Dog Fight Scenes
    • Dynamic Combat Scenes
  • Expanded rules for Intense Action Scenes, Pursuit Scenes & Travel Scenes
  • Rules for making Hyperspace Jumps
  • Rules for Encounter Attitudes
  • 18 New Mount/Encounter Stat Blocks

All crammed within 124 pages fully page referenced throughout, hopefully making your job as Games Master that bit easier.

The COR RPG and its Guides, Sourcebooks, Adventures and CORE Worlds are all supported by the GMD Online team and community on discord & Facebook. Have questions? Then pop on and chat with us! Links can be found on our website at www.gmdonline.co.uk

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