Autumn Pack is at the Press!

Firstly I apologize for the lack of images, I am at a local service for the day and do not have access to our file database!

Pegasus Engine Book Editing Progress

I have received all the edits now for all the books of the box set. Exciting eh?!

I have edited Book 1 with all the changes, this is the largest of all the books and equates to over a third of the box set! Also, there is more see Book 1 below!

The project is much bigger than I originally planned, you are all getting more for your money than you signed up for! The Printed Box Set has been calculated to be retailed at £34.99! (Members say it is far too cheap for what it is, but I just want people to play the game…)

Book 1 – Progress Update

This has to be the most exciting part of the update so far! Here is where I am with this part of the project:

  • I am halfway through the book’s final graphic design update, I will complete it this weekend.
  • All editing notes have been updated and completed.
  • The book has all the artwork added. Looks awesome!
  • All page referencing throughout the book has been completed.
  • An index has been added.
  • The character Sheet is completed, see below.
  • All that is left is the Contents page, Kickstarter recognition page, and back cover. Then this book is ready for a proof print! I aim to organize this Monday/Tuesday.

AAE Guide Progress Update

The AAE Guide Prototype is now ready to be sent out in the Autumn Pack! I will be printing the Prototype on Monday and it will be sent to Members next week.

By the time I have completed the other books in the box set, I will then be ready to complete the AAE Guide!

Check out the Prototype test print:

Accessories Progress

Character Sheet

I have finally completed the Character Sheet! The character sheet is spread over various pages throughout the books. All VIP Members will get a copy for FREE! in their Winter Pack.

I will also provide a FREE digital version too.

Here is a look at it: (apologies, made in Canva while I’m out at the services…)

GM Screen

I will work on this once I have completed all the books and then decide what charts to include on the screen. I will use the CORE RPG’s Screen as a template for which rules to include.

Encounter Cards

I have been talking to the VIP Members about these and have decided that I will be creating a set of Index Card Sized Encounters cards. I can get more information on them and the reverse will be lined to allow for your own personalization or it will have an encounter sheet to keep track of effects during gameplay etc.

These are practically done, they will be lifted directly from the Encounters Guide so you will be familiar with the format.

A much-needed game aid for Games Masters! I can’t wait to have them for myself. It will save space in my ever-shrinking GM section of the games table.

This will be included for FREE to all VIP Members both Printed and Digital versions.

Pre-Generated Characters

These will not take long to complete and I am looking forward to providing some characters from our settings for you to use in your games as Test characters or NPCs as you see fit.

They will be supplied on a stylized character sheet rather than the standard game sheet provided in the book. Each character will have unique artwork too.

Digital Adventures

These will follow throughout next year. Since these are digital I am in no rush to complete them. I am instead prioritizing the completion of products that require printing.

But they will follow once done as I need them for up-and-coming shows to support the release of the Pegasus Engine to the public in June 2024.

If you want to have access to all our future printed and digital products prototypes and final products, such as Adventures, Campaign Settings, Guide Books, Accessories, Card Games, Miniatures, Board Games, and War Games. Why not consider joining the VIP family?

VIP Members gain all the above for FREE postage FREE, by spending XP, that you earn monthly based on your membership.

XP can also be earned in monthly member-only competitions!

Each season you spend XP to put together your personal Members Build-A-Box which is then sent to you for FREE postage FREE anywhere in the world.

What’s included in the XP? Changes each month, with special offers and limited gift offers including our products and miniatures, other company games, vouchers, etc that we purchase to give away to our members.

Sign up today and you get a copy of Pegasus Engine for FREE in this Winters Pack!

Why not become a VIP Member? Choose a membership package that suits you. No commitment can be canceled at any time!

I’m so excited about this project finally coming to an end! I could not have done this without your belief in me! Thank you so much… You are my heroes and heroines!


Martin Harper

GMD Online (5 Dice Games)

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