April Update!

Hi Patreons!

Thank you for your continued support and here is a quick update with what is going on. Things have been a little slow due to being ill the past few weeks. That said I have done my best to keep things moving even if it is at a snails pace.

All the Roles and Character Paths have been completed for the CORE RPG.

The play tests have gone well. Some excitement, heated discussions and fun has been had by all!

Perks has been the main talking point, it was pointed out that perhaps Perks should have an immediate effect or action. So I am currently looking through the Perks to see which Perks could benefit from an immediate effect / action without unbalancing the game.

Thrin suggested that there should be a Initiative Specialisation. Which is a great suggestion and has been scheduled to be included.

Changes are being made to Thrown Distraction and Energy Shield Perk. Once these have been updated I will have them added to the website. 

Currently the quick reference rules have been added to the website so that everyone can have a look over the basic rules. 

We were play testing the Knockback rules that seemed to work nicely. 

I am toying with resorting to the old weapons damage and armour protection rules. But I would certainly like to play test this more first. 

As for Artwork, I have purchased the completed piece called Guardians of Oros Daria. It is an amazing piece of artwork and I cannot wait to see it it in the rules book. As always I will organise a Wallpaper of the artwork to be downloaded. As well as Agora which is overdue. 

NWN2 server is currently down due to relocation, Once I have the studio set up 100% I will have the server back up and running. 

Please bear with me while I get back on track and then there will be no stopping me!

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