Character Background

Time to leave the family home and find a place for myself in the world, looking for adventure along the way.

How Do You See Your Character

blasts enemy from a distance

Character Worst Fear

diverse weather conditions

NAME Amathamna

RACE / ROLE: Spartoi/ Scrapper

Character Description: Female centaur, 7′ in height, dappled grey/white body with grey/white hair, carrying a longbow.


Amathamna’s Intelligence: D8: Above Average

Amathamna’s Strength: D6: Average

How Agile Amathamna is: D8: Above Average

Amathamna’s Resistance to Pain: D6: Average

How Charming Amathamna is: D6: Average

Amathamna’s Combat Training: D4: No Combat training

How Perceptive Amathamna is: D6: Average

How Stealthy Amathamna is:  D4: Not at All!


What Skills does your character have? Choose 3 These will start at D8: spellcasting, archery, spot


D8 in Shield, Spear & Sword

Characters Fear: To die and be forgotten by the story tellers

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