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Please help me share and spread the word! My marketing skills rival that of my cats! I actually believe they are better at it than me! You have so much to gain by unlocking more Stretch Goals!

I cannot believe it we are almost at the third Stretch Goal!

So what does that mean so far?

Well, we are within £100 meaning I will fulfill the Stretch Goal make it or not… But what’s exciting is if we unlock this Stretch Goal we could be on our way to getting Pawns for the AAE Guide & Pegasus Engine!

£750 – AAE Guide Encounter Deck

I will be updating these cards to match the Pegasus Engine once I start designing them I will share with you all the progress I am making! I have already started to plan the what I want artwork and text wise on each page of both books, this will help me get an idea of how much time I need to dedicate to getting the books fulfilled on time.

These cards however are not only a quick reference deck but you could potentially shuffle them up for random encounters too and customise your encounter deck for the game you are playing.

If we reach this Stretch Goal, you will gain a deck of cards for all the Thirty Encounters found in the AAE Guide!

  • 10 x Fantasy.
  • 10 x Modern.
  • 10 x Futuristic.

Physical & Digital Reward

£1,000 – 4 Panel Folding Games Master’s Screen!

Unlocking this Stretch Goal will provide everyone who has access to Stretch goals not only this amazing Printed GM Screen but as mentioned in a previous update I will also provide the Pawns as a PDF!

A beautifully illustrated 4-panel Game Masters Screen packed with all the information a Games Master might need at a glance!

This will be a fantastic upgrade from our previous GM Inserts we used to do, since we invested in our own printing services we can now create GM Screens!

Physical Reward Only

£1,500 – AAE Guide & Pegasus Engine Encounter Pawns

If we manage to unlock this stretch Goal then the CORE Deck will be unlocked digitally which is a fantastic play-aid for during games!

If we reach this goal, I will create and provide Front and Back Pawns for all the encounters in both books. These will be printed onto card and die-cut and represent an approximate 32mm scale miniature.

These will come complete with plastic bases.

Physical & Digital Reward (Digital Rewards will not include plastic bases).

£2,500 – Pegasus Engine CORE Decks

Unlocking this reward will provide both players and GMs alike with an amazing deck of effects and statuses to use throughout their games. But what is super exciting is unlocking this reward will unlock the next reward digitally! Believe me, that is an amazing addition of 12 introductory adventures to the up-and-coming CORE Worlds! Even digitally this has to be worth trying to unlock!

A deck of Support Cards:

  • Effects Deck: Hindrances, Bonus Cards, etc, to keep track of effects applied to characters.
  • Perk Deck: Keep track of Perk status by simply turning the cards during gameplay for speed and protect the Character Sheet from wear and tear.
  • Power Deck: Deck of powers and blank cards to record your own character powers.

£5,000 – CORE Worlds Intro Adventures!

Many of our community members are waiting for the CORE Worlds, which are in development but are not a priority. However, if this goal is reached, I will create an introduction adventure to all 12 CORE Worlds that are on the books to be developed. These adventures will provide insight into each of the CORE Worlds and some will provide new races, Perks, Specialisations and Encounters. All will be beautifully illustrated with inspirational artwork relevant to the CORE Worlds they represent.

  1. LoR – Our Ancient Greek-inspired Fantasy Campaign Setting.
  2. Hubris – Supers Fantasy Setting, set in the world of LoR before the time period of LoR; Players take on the role of minor Azkalonian gods.
  3. Starfall – The GMD Sci-Fi Setting.
  4. StarGuard – Sci-Fi Supers Campaign Setting, where the players are part of the Galactic Defenders, the StarGuard.
  5. Mainframe – A Digital World where players get to explore a neon virtual frontier as digital characters.
  6. GAU – Heroes wake up in a lab and have no memory of who they are or where they are in this Superhero Campaign Setting of discovery. This Campaign Setting is a Modern-day Earth Campaign World, set in Cape Town, South Africa.
  7. Pendragon – Players take on the role of Government SuperHeroes who are part of Project Pendragon, to defend the United Kingdom from supers’ threats and supernatural threats. This setting is set in the Modern-day era of the United Kingdom.
  8. The Scorch – A fantasy roadwarrior apocalypse setting, during a time when the world of LoR fell victim to weapons of mass destruction. Players must survive the wastelands of the world and battle against irradiated mutants and monsters and rampaging tribes of marauders.
  9. Cutlass – Set during the age of sails and black powder in the world of LoR. Pirates run havoc across the seas, as the main governments try to bring order to the savage world of LoR.
  10. Once Upon A Steam – During an age of inventions and steam, this Campaign Setting focuses on the untamed west of Galamoroi, a continent off the Western Shores of mainland Azkalon of LoR. The Civilised world clashes with the tribes of Galamoroi in a gun-slinging extravaganza.
  11. LoR 2525 – A Fantasy cyberworld. LoR ascends into the age of cyberware and technology as the corporations now rule the world and threaten each other with weapons of mass destruction. Set before the great corporate wars that burn the world to ash.
  12. Nexus: The Mirroverse – Explore the multiverse and battle against the minions of the Horror as he tries to dominate the domains of the Mirrorverse. Players are Nexus Agents who travel the Mirrorverse attempting to disrupt the plans of Kalmanutri, The Horror, and his army of demons.

Thank you all so much!!!

I could not have done this project without you all believing in me!

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