Almost Playtest Day!

This Thursday sees Play testing commence!

Whats being play tested?

The objective of Thursdays play test is to see how a mini dungeon plays out with the rules. 

Whats coming next?
  • After Thursday I will be working on some content for the LoR Core RPG section of the website. Followed by a Play Test of Character Generation. 
  • I will also be starting to work on a Savage Worlds adventure for Fantasy Grounds. 


What changes have been made so far

  • Corrected an error with the Distract skill. Was showing Mind instead of Social Stat.
  • Play test will show case Stun damage, these have been added to the rules which can be accessed via the LoR Core Page.
  • Removed the Stances, This slowed down the game and confused players. The game is supposed to fun to play not confusing. 

Also we have decided to swap 3d Miniatures out for Figure Flats for the play test. 


I want to take this opportunity to welcome new Patrons to GMD Online. I plan to have a full set of rules ready online mid January 2019, Then I will work on the PDF set of rules. 

Once the PDF rules are finalised I will then organise printed copies to be sent out to those of you who are in a Tier that receives this reward. 

Feel free to sign up to games and enjoy the community and keep an eye on updates on GMD Online and Patreon. Also come join us on Discord.

Final note on PDFs: These will be available to download from the site once completed. 

All feedback is welcome. 

Hey! We'd love to hear what you think...

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