Almost Here!

The GMD Online CORE RPG Kickstarter is almost ready to launch!

Date to be announced shortly…

We are just working out what is required for the Kickstarter Campaign, then we will be ready to go ahead full swing!

This will be the first of many Kickstarters. The CORE Rules system will be quickly followed by several campaign settings, sourcebooks and adventures. 

But it will not stop there…

There will be Card Games, Board Games, War Games, Miniatures and much more!

GMD CORE RPG is a set of Universal Roleplaying Rules for any genre.

The rules have been designed to be quick and exciting to play. The book will be beautifully illustrated and designed so that you are up and running quickly. With quick reference charts that will make learning the rules quick and fun.

More details will follow over the course of the next few weeks.

Watch this Space!!

This project has been made possible by the help of the GMD Online Patreon Members.

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