Almost At The Second Stretch Goal!

Fantastic news!

Our Kickstarter is funded! Make sure to back it and grab a copy of the AAE Guide at least!

We have already unlocked the first Stretch Goal!

24 pre-generated character cards to kick off your:

  • Fantasy,
  • Modern,
  • Sci-Fi,
  • & Supers games!

Furthermore, we are not far from unlocking the second Stretch Goal!

We only need a few more backers and everyone gets:

Thirty encounter cards are ready to go! An excellent reference tool for GM’s to use for quick encounters.

Help us unlock this Stretch Goal and Both Digital and Printed Backers will receive either digital or printed versions of this reward!

Remember GMD online is only a small family business with limited knowledge of marketing etc… This is where you come into play, our Champions and supporters, spread the word to help us deliver High Quality and affordable gaming products to everyone.

Back us today!

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