All New Kickstarter Coming Soon!

It’s finally going to happen…

The GMD CORE RPG Kickstarter, the planned start date is 1st February 2020 …

Progress to get this Kickstarter ready is moving along in full swing. Printing and artwork quotes are flooding in. Playtesting continues as do rules proofreading and development. The book’s layout is starting to take shape and I will be posting reviews over the next few weeks. 

The official Kickstarter page is currently being set up and a link will be shared soon!

The GMD CORE RPG is a Universal Cinematic RPG, which allows for deep roleplaying, tactical combat, or exciting pursuits across hostile environments. The rules have been designed to be integrated into any game world and any genre. 

The system uses an opposed game mechanic, keeping players involved in all the action at all times.

A Special thank you to the GMD Online Patreon supporters for their continued support. Without you, this project would never be possible. I will continue to keep you updated and involved in all phases of design as well as making important choices regarding future products etc…

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