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As a GMD member, you will obtain access to all GMD Products online. These products are displayed as flipbooks for you to browse through at your leisure. If you discover any that you like the look of and you are a VIP Member of Level 1+ you will be able to spend accumulated XP to download digital content or order a physical copy of the product.
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As a member you will also gain access to polls, suggestion forms, and competitions and embark on an online quest through the GMD nexus, exploring the GMD worlds discovering famous characters and unlocking rewards for yourself and the community as a whole.

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Legacy Revealed

Tracing the Path of GMD Online’s Journey

Starting as a small professional games master running a variety of games online via VTT’s. GM Draeus expanded into creating his own game system and CORE Worlds, and then the creation of the Draeus Group brought the GMD Online Members printed products and miniatures and much much more… What will the future bring?

Guiding Principles

Defining Missions and Values


The Draeus Group’s mission is to empower others to become the heroes/heroines they were born to be. To provide quality gaming products for free for life. To develop a wide range of products using the one game to play them all ethos. To become one of the leading game design companies in the industry and to empower the hobby enthusiasts who believe in our products to gain the best experience possible from using our games.

Core Values

Dreams are the fuel of our imagination to find new opportunities and innovative ideas. The resolve to pursue such ideas and fortify one’s self against any negative influences from within or without. To take inspired action with a definite purpose. To Empower others to achieve their dreams. To gain the understanding that knowledge and consistency is the key that unlocks success.

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