AAE Guide Kickstarter Coming Soon!

AAE Guide & CORE 2.0 Kickstarter End of May!

I plan to launch the GMD 4th Kickstarter at the end of May 2022!

The Adversaries, Allies & Encounters Guide, and the Pegasus Engine CORE RPG will be launched jointly in our 4th Kickstarter later this month!

AAE Guide

This is our second CORE RPG Guide Book. Designed to compliment our Vehicles & Mounts Guide, the Adversaries, Allies & Encounters Guide has been designed to bring you, Sidekicks!

Not all heroes/heroines journey alone, often they have a trusty sidekick with them. So, I decided to include this as part of the CORE rules. You will find in the AAE Guide all the rules required to purchase Sidekicks and develop them during the course of the adventure.

Each Sidekick gets their own Character Sheet and rules have been developed so that your character can develop your Sidekick as part of their Character Development process throughout the story.

Sidekicks are stronger than Goons & Accomplices but weaker than Villains & Champions. So AAE Guide introduces new types of NPC and comes complete with new rules to enhance your CORE games.

What’s exciting about these rules is that not only does it allow you to have your standard sidekick, but you can have pets too! I have included a set of rules for training and developing any type of pet your Games Master will allow to accompany you in your character’s story.

Sidekicks and pets can be of any species and include robots too!

As always the book will be rammed with beautiful inspiring artwork throughout the book. The internal layout will match the all-new Pegasus Engine CORE RPG layout which we are currently testing a couple of new ideas, but may well keep with the CORE layout. This is a decision that we will make shortly and showcase some pages once a decision has been made.

Also, I have added 30 new Encounter blocks at the back of the book and an adventure.

The Book has been written, just needs layout and artwork. Also, we have decided to update the written rules to co-inside with the updated rules that will be found in the Pegasus Engine CORE RPG.

Why has it taken so long?

The AAE Guide was due for Kickstarter release last year but was delayed for several reasons:

  • The cost of printing had increased, so we have invested in our own printing company to print our own products and those for like-minded games designers who want print-on-demand services at an affordable price. Of course, these savings we have made by using our own company to print rather than a third party are transferred to you our supporters! Our gaming products have drastically reduced in price!
  • It has been over three years since the development of our first RPG and we have decided to update it with the feedback we have received from members and new rules discovered after years of gaming with it. So The Pegasus Engines CORE RPG has been created. It is almost complete in writing so we have decided to include it in the Kickstarter as an extra option. The AAE Guide, however, will still work with the CORE RPG 1st edition.
  • We have decided to change the workflow of our Kickstarter projects. Instead of launching with an idea, we are going to launch our Kickstarters once we have written the book and are in the process of editing. We will then launch a Kickstarter with sample artwork pages of what we have designed for you to get a feel for the new book’s look. This will also allow for a quicker fulfillment process, instead of over a year’s development we will be looking at full-filling within 2-6 months!

Pegasus Engine CORE RPG

The all-new Pegasus Engine CORE RPG is almost here!

Why Version 2.0?

We made a huge marketing mistake calling our last book GMD CORE RPG as it got lost with all the other CORE RPG books. So after a year’s worth of discussions with the GMD VIP Members & Patreons I decided to re-market the book under the Pegasus Engine. Instead of just changing the cover, a decision was made to add missing rules and update some rules that require updating as well as remove some that are no longer needed.

We are currently in the process of a streamlined and faster character creation process which may make the cut! Watch this space!

The game mechanics and combat plays exactly like GMD CORE RPG, just some updates to Perks, Specialisations have been made. The major changes are Powers, these have been given some TLC and there is a new process during character creation to obtain powers. I have also added a Threat Level to help Games Master balance encounters, there are some major changes to Goons NPC’s so the new combat manoeuvers and character creation chapter has had a facelift too! Plus much more!

  • Anyone who has the CORE RPG PDF will be able to re-download the Pegasus Engine CORE RPG PDF for FREE.
  • Anyone who backed the CORE RPG Kickstarter will be given the chance to obtain the Pegasus Engine at a hugely discounted price!

Also, we may be having a dedicated printed GM Screen rather than Inserts! I am currently waiting for the arrival of some card that has been cut to the appropriate length to see if the card will run through the press and creasing machines. Watch this space!

How will the Pegasus Engine be added to the Kickstarter?

There will be options to back the Kickstarter with the Pegasus Engine or without it. I will also add it as an add-on for those who want to obtain more copies for their group.

Stretch Goals

I am in the process of designing the stretch goals. I am considering adding extra guidebooks as goals but am not sure if that is a good idea as I do not want to delay the fulfillment of the Kickstarter while it waits for everything to be completed.


We have learned a great deal from our previous Kickstarters and will be including shipping on the Kickstarter. Another reason to have a shorter fulfillment is so that shipping does not increase drastically making the Kickstarter a financial burden to us as we try to cover the shipping costs in the long run.

Final Word

So, that is it for now, we will see you at the end of the Month for the launch!

Please share with everyone and help us gain momentum for this exciting Kickstarter launch!

Remember, I am just one person trying to do a team of people’s workload, be patient with me and I will bring you amazing products!

A massive thank you to all my GMD VIP & Patreon Members for supporting the CORE RPG! I could not have done any of this without you.

If you are waiting for the CORE Worlds or other products they are on their way, we have finally got a Virtual Table Top dedicated for CORE ready so that we can continue to playtest. I will have this available soon for everyone to download for FREE!

If there is a particular CORE World you want to see being developed, why not become a member and then use your VIP Membership service to get that project created?

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