A Quick progress update…

Well the past few days I have been busy but got very little to show for it. I prefer the days where there is something shiny to show you all.

The players of the Starguard Roleplaying Comic have been sending in their actions ready for the next round! 

I have completed the basic equipment list for the CORE RPG ready to put online in the next week or so for you all to suggest additions or amendments.

Stun is being reworked and play testing will commence. This is to prevent Defenders becoming stunned too quickly, resulting in no actions.

Vehicle & Mount Rules for the CORE RPG development has continued. The specialisations have been worked on with appropriate descriptions.

Character Personality Types have been developed further and is approximately 50% complete!

Power Specialisations have been worked on to provide a list of powers that share a unique effect and a special bonus.

I have dug out an old computer to assist in rendering the high resolution images that cause my laptop to become useless… So fingers crossed that is successful.

It does not stop there! I am now off to work on adding the Equipment List to the Website and the PDF creation document!

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