Temp: Power Listing

Power Cost Explanation Enhancements CORE RPG RULES
ABSORPTION 5 This power absorbs energy from a power that has targeted you Transfer to Health (+1) – Inreases Health by DoS x2; Transfer to NRG (+1) – Increase NRG by DoS; Transfer to STAT (+3) Increase STat of choice at activation by +1 per 2 DoS; Absorb ALL DMG (+5) Chacarter can absorb any form of DMG. Character Absorbs energy (chose physical or energy) while this power is active. Gain a +5 DMG RES versus the Energy chosen.
AIR POCKET 3 create air AOE (+2) AOE 30′ CReates a Dome of Breathable air AOE 15′ while power is active.
AIR MANIPULATION 1 control air Dust Devil (+3 / -1) Target within AOE 15′ suffers penalty to all actions; Air Elemental (+3) Has D6 Stats; Push (+1/5′) AM [FOC] Vs Targets STR or Target is pushed away in a direction for distance paid for. Activating this power allows the character to control air., The Character chooses an enhancement for the effect they wish to achieve.
ANIMAL COMMUNICATION 1 Talk with Animal AOE (+2) Speak to all animals within AOE 15′ Activate this power to communicate with animals. Either verbally or telepathecially, which ever you wish. Range 50′
ANIMAL CONTROL 3 Control Animals AOE (+2) Control all animals within Target AOE 15′ When activated the user may control a target animal. ANIMAL CONTROL [SOC] Vs Targets MND, the target must be a non sentient animal. Range 50′
ARMOR 2 per +1 Character is encased in armour of some sort. Adds to DMG RES, This Power can be Permanent or Activated
ASTRAL PROJECTION 8 Body become astral When activated your character slumps into a comatosed state. Your form becomes invisible and ethereal and can pass through all surfaces. Immunity to all but mental attacks. MR is increase to 100′ and you may fly at this rate. To be spotted requires a Spot [MND] check Verses your FOC + MND LVL and the spotter must be actively looking for the astral form. . May become visible at will and communicate with others telepathically that are within listening range. Character may not interact in the physical plane but can effect other Astral beings, physical DMG in the astral plane, STR is replaced with MND and PHY is replaced by FOC.
BERSERKER resist fear and pain; Pain Threshold (+2 pts.- not until taken 3 hits): Perk
BODY OF 2 DIMENSIONAL FORM 7 2D Form When activated the character becomes Two Dimensional, This provides a DEF Bonus of +4 and the character can pass through any gap and liquid surfaces at MR. The Character does not breathe and cannot be effected by any toxins or gass attacks.
BODY OF DARKNESS 7 Shadow or dakness form When activated the characters form transforms into a body of darkness or shadows. In shadows or dark areas the character gains +8 STL, Immune to Physical (Kinetic DMG) The chacrter can Teleport from one shadow to another within MR.
BODY OF ENERGY 7 Body is made of pure energy Seep (+1) Character can pass through cracks and small gaps; Traverse (+3) – Character can merge and travel along a flow of the energy type at MR Rate. Choose energy type when activated. Character is no longer flesh and bone, it is now made of pure energy. The charcater has a Damaging Aura that causes d4 DMG to all adjacent to the character. Character is immune to the Energy type chosen. FLight at 1/2 MR (Rnd up to nearest 5′)
BODY OF GAS 7 Body is made of Gas This power gives the body a gaseous form, allowing you to pass through small spaces, Cannot be harmed by physical attacks, Fly at half your MR (Round up to nearest 5′); Also make a gas attack on an adjacent target AGI Vs Targets DEF, DMG FOC Vs Targets PHY. DoS Causes Both Health and Stun as target chokes. Wind based attacks does x 2 DMG Vs Body of Gas.
BODY OF GRANULAR SUBSTANCE 6 body of dust, gravel, salt or sand etc… When activated choose what granular substance characters body is made of (Visual effect only) Charcater can seep through cracks and burrow through the same granualr substance their body is made of at MR. All DMG is halfed.
BODY OF LIQUID 7 Body is made of some liquid form When activated character body become a liquid form. Character can Seep through gaps and travel through liquid at MR. The character can also breathe while in liquid. Choose what liquid the character is made up of (This is purely visual); +4 STL when in the same liquid body is made up of. Cutting an dPirceing DMG is hlafed round up.
BODY OF SWARMING MASS 7 Body os insect sized creatures, nanites, or other similar animated substance. When activated the characters body transforms into thousands of tiny creatures that swarm in a humaind mass. This causes all adjacent to the character to suffer -2 to all actions due to squirming and the horrific noise. Character can fly and move along all horizontal and cieling surfaces at 1/2 MR (Rnd up to nearest 5′), Character suffers -6 to social interactions. The character takes Hlaf Damg from Physical (Kinetic Attakcs), AOE Attacks cause x2DMG, character can pass through small gaps. Character gains a bnus to Unarmed attacks are at +4 COM & DMG
BODYGUARD 4 protect allies from ranged atk with 3″ A character with active Bodyguard Power on them. May protect all allies within 15′ agianst ranged attacks. Move your character adjacent to the ally and roll your Bodyguard [DEF] as well as the allies DEF.Use the highest result as the DEF roll. If the attack beats the highest roll, the target for damage is the Bodyguard.
BONUS ACTION 4/Action Character can make additional actions each turn. Effect Others (+2/ Action) – May grant target a bonus action. Gain a bonus Hard or Soft Action
BOOST STAT 3 per DT Can boost a specific Statiistic. Effect Others (+2) Touch This power boosts a specific Stat (Chosen when power is activated). Each Boost level increases the Stat by 1 DT.
BREATH UNDER WATER 1 Water Breathing Effect Others (+1 / Target) If unwilling BUW [FOC] Vs Targets FOC This power when activated grants the user the ability to breath under water.
BURROW 4 Dig a tunnel When activated the user may dig their way through solid rock / earth at MR each round, The Tunnel collapses in on it’s self as the tunneler progresses.
CHAMELEON 5 Blend in with your surroundsings Effect Others (+3) Anyone you touch also blends Activate this power to blend in with your surroundings and gain a +4 STL also gain +4 to COM if Target fails a Spot[PER] Vs your Sneak or Hide [STL] check
COMBAT SENSE ; 3 Character has faster reactions in combat When this power is activated the character gains a +2 bonus to Intiative and DEF
CONFUSE 4 cause confusion AOE (+2) Effect all within 15′ of Target While activate the target may only perform 1 SOFT or HARD Action. CONFUSE [MND] Vs FOC. Range 50′
COPY POWER 2 Character may copy a power used by another character. While this power is active, this character may copy another power used by another target. This character must pay the activation cost of the target power to copy it. That power and any enhancements activated on it is then useable until the power is deactivated by this character.
COSMIC ENERGY CREATION 3 Create a Energy Source of choice AOE [+2] AOE 15′ Whilst activated the character can create a source of primal power0′ causes DMG EC[FOC] Vs PHY to any who enter target location.
COSMIC ENERGY MANIPULATION 1 manipulate an energy source Antagonise (+3 / -1) Target within AOE 15′ suffers penalty to all actions; DMG (+3) Targets within AOE 15′ taek EM [FOC] Vs PHY DMG; Animate (+3) Has D6 Stats and 6 Health; Stun (+1/1 Stun) ; BOOST (+3/+1) AOE 15′ all gain bonus; Heal (+4) FOC Roll in Health to target. ; When activated this power allows the character to manipulate a source of primal power within Range 100′ (Move energy at MR 50”) choose an enhancement for Manipulation effect
DAMAGING AURA 4 Characters Aura causes damage to all those who are adjacent. Increaed AOE (+1 per 5′) Damaging Aura effects all within AOE; Increased Damage (+2 per DT) When activated this power grants the character an aura of damaging energy. Choose energy type from Energy table. This power then causes d8 damage to adjacent to the character.
DANGER SENSE 2 Sense Danger When ever a character is in Danger they gain +3 PER to sense it coming
DARK VISION 2 This power allows the character to see in the dark
DARKNESS 5 creates an area of darkness Increased AOE (+1 pts/ 10′) This power covers an area of 100′ in total darkness. (can be cancelled by light and inturn can cancel light). Anyone within suffers a -10 blindness modifer.
DECAY Destory item or rot vegetation on touch Decaying Touch (+2) Causes DMG each round to sentient beings DECAY [FOC] Vs DMG RES each turn This power causes a non sentient device to decay, On a successful DECAY [FOC] Vs ITEMS BREAK FACTOR or Physique, the item is destroyed. RANGE TOUCH
DENSITY INCREASE 5 Character becomes rock solid with increased STR, knockback resistance and DMG RES KB Immunity (+1 Immune to KB) When activated the characters body becomes rock solid/Ice/Crystal/metal etc choose chen activated. gaining +5 DMG RES, +3 STR and Knock Back against this character is increased by 10. Downside is that the characters MR is reduced by 10′, COM suffers -2
DOMINATE 8 posses target Ranged (+3) can dominate a target within line of sight. This power allows the character to dominate a targets mind and control them. DOMINATE [MND] Vs Targets [MND] is required to dominate the target. At the beginning of the targets turn it gains a free MND resistance to attempt to brak free of the control. Range Touch
DRAIN STAT 3 per DT Can drain a specific Statiistic. Transfer (+1 pt. per die) – transfers drain stat to this characters stat. Target resists with MND. This power drains a specific Stat (Chosen when power is activated). If a tsta is reduced below d4 each step is a -1. If the target has a Positive bonus to the stat it starts to reduce the bonus.
FIRE CREATION 3 create fight AOE (+2) AOE 15′ When activated an area of 5′ range 50′ of fire is created. The Fire causes FC [FOC] V PHY DMG each turn anyone is in area, and Lights up a range of 50′
FIRE MANIPULATION 1 control fire Antagonise (+3 / -1) Target within AOE 15′ suffers penalty to all actions; DMG (+3) Targets within AOE 15′ taek FM [FOC] Vs PHY DMG; Animate (+3) Has D6 Stats; BURN (+5) Target takes FM [FOC] Vs PHY DMG Each turn this power is active While active the character can maipulate fire. 100′ range.Choose desired effect.
ELASTICITY 5 Character has extendable limbs and morphable body. Parachute (+1) [REACTION] can glide at MR a round. but descend at 10′ per round; Slingshot (+2) character gains +2 to ranged attack roll and DMG.: Stretch Attack (+2 character may stretch into combat as a Soft Actoin); Stretch Climb (+1) – Gain +3 to Climb checks, Seep (+1) Charater can seep through cracks or thin spaces. Once this power is activated the character can extend part of their body up to 50′
ELECTRICAL CREATION 3 create electricity Wehn this power is activated the character can generate electricity in their hands. All unarmed comba causes +2 DMG and an aditional stun.
ELECTRICAL MANIPULATION 1 control electricity Jolt (+3) Target Suffers EM [FOC] Stun; FRy Device (+4) Cause a device to malfunction; Antagonise (+3 / -1) Target within AOE 15′ suffers penalty to all actions; DMG (+3) Targets within AOE 15′ taek EM [FOC] Vs PHY DMG; Animate (+3) Has D6 Stats When activated can manipulate electricity wihtin 100′ Choose Enhancement for effect
Enhanced-AGILITY 1 / +1 Adds bonus to AGI Increases AGI by +1 / NRG spent
Enhanced-MIND 1 / +1 Adds bonus to MND Increases MND by +1 / NRG spent
Enhanced-PHYSIQUE 1 / +1 Adds bonus to PHY Increases PHY by +1 / NRG spent
Enhanced-STRENGTH 1 / +1 Adds bonus to STR Increases STR by +1 / NRG spent
Enhanced-SOCIAL 1 / +1 Adds bonus to SOC Increases SOCby +1 / NRG spent
Enhanced-COMBAT 1 / +1 Adds bonus to COM Increases COM by +1 / NRG spent
Enhanced-DEFENCE 1 / +1 Adds bonus to DEF Increases DEF by +1 / NRG spent
Enhanced-STEALTH 1 / +1 Adds bonus to STL Increases STL by +1 / NRG spent
Enhanced-FOCUS 1 / +1 Adds bonus to FOC Increases FOC by +1 / NRG spent, dOES NOT PROVIDE BONUS ENERGY
Enhanced-PERCEPTION 1 / +1 Adds bonus to PER Increases PER by +1 / NRG spent
ENTANGLE 3 Entangles the atrget AOE [+1 per 10′) Target resist with AGI or becomes grappled and cannot make any Actins except to break free. Using AGI Vs Power User. Range 50′
ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION 4 Adapt to hostile environment AOE (+2) All within 30′ are protected from the hostile environemnt When activated your character is able to breath and exist in a hostile environment without suffering it’s effects. Toxic swamp, Icy tundra, depths of space, Volcanic Landscape etc…
ESCAPE ARTIST bonus to grapple and entangle resistance PERK
ESP 6 Extra Sensory Perception AOE (+4) Search all minds within 50′; Increased Range (+2) range MND LVL Miles +1; Expanded Range (+4) whole planet; Interdimensional (+6) Can see anywhere; . When this power is activated the chaarcter may look into an area with the power of the mind, they may attempt to detect other minds or look into objects or locations that they cannot see, Range 1 Mile. Detecting someone requires a successful ESP [MND] Vs Targets MND to spot.
EXPLODE 2 Exploding Damage When activated the charcter casues an energy explosion (Chosen when used) that strikes all within 15′ for EXPLODE [FOC] Vs Targets DMG RES DoS DMG, This power then causes 5 Stun to the user.
EXTRA LIMBS 3/limb Extra arm, leg, tentacle, A Tail.etc Extra Limbs Power provides bonus’s to actions take depending on the limb. Extra arms, tail or tentacle provide a +2/limb to grapple attempts. Tail provides +2 to AGI checks, Extra Legs add +10′ MR Per Leg, Extra Arm & Tentacle Add +2 to COM and DEF.
EXTRA MOVEMENT 1 Character increases their base MR When activated the targets Base MR is incresed by 10′, if unwilling then a contest of EXTRA MOVEMENT [MND] Vs Targets MND.
EXTRA HEALTH 1 per 2 Health Increases Targets base Health Gain bonus Health while active.
FEAR 3 causes fear to target AOE (+2) Fear effects an AOE of 30′ This power causes Fear to the Target. FEAR [FOC] vs MND, The target must move at least 100′ away from the source of fear and cannot target the powers user.
FEAR IMMUNITY 1 / Target immune to fear Target are immune to the effects of Fear. Range 100′
FLIGHT 3 Once activated the character may fly at MR.
FORCE FIELD 4 protective barrier AOE (+2 per 15′) protects all within AOE of User; Projectable (+1) – Can bring force field around others. Once activated the character is encased in a field of energy (Chosen when activated) The Character gains +5 DMG RES
GRAVITY MANIPULATION 1 gravity control MOVE OBJECT (+3 – Object size use GM+FOC LVL on str table) Unwilling Resist GM[FOC V STR] – towards the ground or away from the ground. Hitting a solid surface causes GM[FOC]V PHY DMG; SLOW (+1/-5′ MR) ; Antagonise (+3/-1) All in AOE suffer openalty; Boost MR (+2) Target gains +10’MR due to light wieight. When actived the chaarcter can control the gravity in AOE 30′, choose an enhancement for the desirred effect
GROWTH 6 Increase size Stomp Attack (+2) AOE 5′ Melee; Colosal (+3) 40′ x2 Bonus’s; Titanic (+5) 60′ x3 Bonus’s; Affect Others (+3) MND Vs Targets FOC The character becomes 20′ Tall. Gains +5 STR & PHY, +10 Health and gains +10′ MR, but suffers -3 COM. Targets gain +3 to COM Vs The character.
HEALING 1 per 3 Health Healed. Heals the Target Target is healed health equal to 3 times the NRG spent to use the power. Cannot be healed by this power until a new wound has been inflicted.
INFRAVISION 2 heat vision This power while active grants the user to see heat sources
ILLUSION 4 create illusions Illusional TRAUMA (+2) The Illusion attacks and causes trauma before disapearing and the target suffers 2 Health and ILLUSION [FOC] Vs MND DoS in STUN This power create an Illusion that will disapear if touched. The Illusion can be visual or sound or taste
IMMUNITY 8 immune to a source of dmg Effect Others (+3) touched Target gains the effect When activated the character becomes immune to a source of damage, chosen when used, a source of eneergy, pirecing dmg, crushing, dmg, slashing dmg, a matter source etc.. causes no DMG what so ever
IMMUNITY – POISON & DISEASE 2 Immune to Poison and Disease Effect Others (+1/Person) While active the user is immune to poison and disease
INFECTION 3 causes an infection Contagious (+2) Anyone the target touches while the power is active must also Make the PHY roll each turn Whilst active the target must makea PHY Vs INFECTION[FOC] each turn or suffer -1 to all rolls up to a maximum of -5
INVISIBILITY 5 Become invisible to the eye. Invisible to items (+2) Items cannot detect invisible character; Invisible to sense (+2) Invisibility effects all senses Character becomes invisible to the eye and cannot be targetted. unless the target succeeds in a Spot (PER) Vs Sneak (STL)+4.
IRON WILL 1/+1 resist mnd & foc attacks Character gains a bonus to MND & FOC based resistance rolls.
LEAPING 3 Character Leap Extra Leap (+2 / MR) Character Can Leap an extra MR This power gives the ability to leap across twice your MR as a soft action. AS a Hard Action the leaper may perform a charge maneuver and gain an adiitional +1 to attack.
LIGHT 4 creat elight Increased AOE (+1 pts/ 10′) This power covers an area of 100′ in Bright Light ccelled by darkness in turn can cancel darkness). Anyone within suffers a -5 blindness modifer (While active) from the intense light and suffer 2 stun (When activated)
Linked Powers Models use this Power Framework to link 2+ powers together so that they will count for all purposes as a single power. Generic Enhancement
MAGNETIC MANIPULATION 4 magnetic control Disrupt electronics [+2] All devices in AOE 15′ are disrupted and useless while power is active When active this power allows the character to move non ferrous metal such as steel and iron. If the target is sentient or sentient has metal on them, it resists with MM [FOC] Vs Targets STR, and can be moved at MR 50′ hitting solid surface causes MM [FOC] Vs PHY DMG
MALFUNCTION 2 Cause Machines to shut down Multiple Devices: (+2) AOE 30′ All devices within a the aread of effect. Whilst active this power Causes a mechanical or electronical device to shut down and stop working. Range 50′
MATTER CREATION 3 Create Matter Increased Size (+2/10′) While thi spowr is active the user may create non sentient matter up to 10’x10′
MATTER MANIPULATION 4 Control Matter Increased Size (+2 / AOE 10′) This power when activated takes control of target non sentinent matter the size up to AOE 10′. Creating a Matter Barrier Will be 20′ x 5′ and Has material health and DMG RES acording to the Material chart. Animatting the Matter the construct would have Stats d6 and Health and DMG RES equal to the Material Chart, may create 1 construct per 10′ controlled, Range 100′ Move Material at Rate of 50′
MELEE ATTACK 1 / +1 Melee Damage. Affect Other (+1 per +1); Affects Phased and Etheral Targets (+3): Increased Reach (+2 per 5′) When activated, this power creates a weapon, energy or causes a hand or foot to harden. This provides a bonus to damage when using it in melee combat. For each NRG used it provides a +1 DMG when using it in melee combat.
NULLIFY 5 Cancels a targets active powers AOE (+4) All within 15′; Ranged (+3) Can target upto 30′ without touching; Suppress (+3 ) cant regenerate NRG for DoS Turns. Range Touch; When activated this power cancels a targets active powers. The Target then regenerates the NRG as per normal and can reactivate them when they have enough NRG to do so. (For Super Powers that have a permanent Activation, these are automatically reactivated at the start of the targets turn when they have enough NRG, This is a free action for Permanent Powers only. The Target cannot activate any other Powers until All Permanent Powers have been reactivated.) To Nullify Powers requires a successful Nullify (FOC) Vs Targets FOC.
PARALYSE 5 Target cannot move or act. AOE (+2) Effect all within 15′ While active target cannot move or act. PARALYSE [FOC] Vs Targets MND,
PHASING 5 Character may pass through solid objects. Phase Touch (+2) may interact with objects as a Hard Action; Phase Attack (+4).- May unphase enough to make a physical attack. Effect Others (+2 / person) Target touched by the Phaser also become phased. Unwilling Targets Resist PHASING [FOC] Vs Targets FOC Whilst this power is active. The character can pass through solid objects. They are also imune to Physical attacks. They gain +10 DMG RES to Energy Attacks
PLANT MANIPULATION 1 control vegetation Ensnare (+3) targets cannot move and suffer -2 penalty to actions PC[FOC] V AGI; WALL (+2/10′ locked) Creates a Wall with HEalth 10 and DMG RES D8 – Walls block LOS; GROW (+2/10′) Can cause vegetation to grow, lifting those on it off the ground. Animate (+3) Stats D6 Health 6 DMG RES D6; POLLEN (+2) Cause All within AOE -2 to all actions; SLEEP (+3) PM[FOC] Vs FOC or targets in AOE fall asleep while power active or woke up or take dmg. ; Light spores (+2) AOE 100′ lights up area While this power is active the user can control vegetations around them, Choose enhancement for effect required, Range 100′ AOE 15′
POISON 5 chaarcter suffers dmg each turn AOE (+2) Effect all within 15′ This power while active cause a target to become poisoned and take 1 Health per turn DMG. POISON [FOC] Vs Targets PHY
PRECOGNITION 8 Look into the future Effect Others (+2) May grant a touched target the bonus instead. Character gets a glimpse of the possible future.Character gains +4 to all actions while this power is activated.
PROBABILITY MANIPULATION 4 Cause Target to be lucky or unlucky. AOE (+2) Effects all within 10′ of target. When activated target a character with 100′. That target rolls all required dice rolls twice. The Target chooses th ehighest if it is Lucky or Lowest if it is Unlucky (Chosen when power activated)
PSI Blast 4 Mental Blast AOE (+2) AOE 15′, Cone attack (+3) This Power allows a Mental Blast to strike an oponents Mind. This is a PSI BLAST (MND) attack roll Vs Targets MND, If successful the DMG roll is a FOC Vs Targets FOC, Damage is removed from targets Health.Range 100′
RANGED ATTACK 2 / +1 Ranged Damage Affects Phased and Ethereal (+); Chain Attack (+2) strike next target if within range 10′; Rapid Fire (+3 / bolt): Cone Attack (+3); Beam (+1) Has a Range of 50′ and attcks all within the line of fire up to 100′; AOE 15′ (+2); This power generates a ranged attack (Chosen when activated, can be energy, an arrow, bullet, weapon doesnt matter it is visual only) that causes +! DMG(More if NRG is spent).This has a 200′ range, Point Blank is at -1 to attack. Attk Roll is Ranged ATK [AGI] Vs Targets DEF, DMG is PER vs Targets PHY
REFLECTION 4 choose type When activated this power reflects energy chosen when activated an attack back at the attacker on a successful REFLECTION [DEF] check. Roll the attackers DMG against the Attacker with the DMG DoS from the DEF roll.
REGENERATION 1 / 2 Health Regenerates Health Character recovers 2 Health per NRG used.
REPLICATION 3 per copy Create Copies of yourself Promotion (+3) If the power user is defeated they choose a Replica to become their main Character and that replica switched places with them. When activated this power creates a perfect copy of the power user. They have exatcly the same stats as the power user and abilities and powers (Except Replication). These Copies however only have Health equal to PHY DT. and they have only half the NRG.
RESISTANCE 3 DMG RES Vs DMG Type Effect Others (+1/target) Target gains benefits While active the character gains +4 DMG Resistance Vs a particular Energy, Matter, substance or Force chsoen at activation. Touch
RICOCHET ATTACK 2 Bounce attack round courners and off of surfaces. May attack characters they do not have line of sight of by richocehting the attck off of surfaces. this attack sufers a -2.
SHAPE CHANGE 4 Character can change to different forms. Mimic (+1) May copy the voice of the person chaing to, must have heard the voice; Animal Change (+2) Change into an animal form.Use the stats of the animal. ANimal Fotm Only (+4) Keep your stats of the character whilst in animal form; Affect others (+3) Touch range, target resists SHAPECHANGE (MND) with FOC; Non living Object (+3) May change into a non living object. For larger or smaller objects requires Link to Shrink or Growth. This power transforms the character into a shape into another humaoid appearance.
SHRINKING 5 Shrink size Mite (+2) Character shrinks to the size of an insect. MR = 5′, STR & PHY -10 STL +10, Opponents suffer -10 to aTK ; Microscopic (+4) Character is microscopic in size and cannot be seen by tandard vision. or attacked by anything taller than microscopic. , Mighty Mite (+2) maintains its normal weight and enjoys increased density in its shrunken state. Ignore STR & PHY penalties.); Affect Others (+3) MND Vs Targets FOC The character becomes tiny approx a couple of inches tall. Gains +10 STL, Suffers -15′ MR, STR & PHY -5.Growth Attack – Growing into combat is a HArd ACTION and grants a +5 ATK
SLOW 2 reduce opp move AOE (+2) 15′, Rqnge 30′ Half an Opponents Move Round down Minimum 5′ SLOW (MND) Vs Targets MND
SPECIALISED 3 Jack of all Trades While this Power is active, when ever making a roll, If your character does not have the required Specialisation, the may add a d4 to the dice pool
SPEED 8 Character has blinding speed. Increased Speed (+5 / Increase) Double the speed travelled and Opponents suffer (MAX -10 to hit) Whilst active the Character can travel at 100 MPH, Gain a +10 (MAX Charge Bonus) when charing into BAttle, Whilst Moving Opponents are at -5 to hit.
STUN 3 Range 15″ Increased AOE (+2) 30′ This power conjures a burst of energy, (Light / Sound or electricity), must choose on activation) that stuns all within 15′ of target point. Range 50′. All suffer -1 Stun per DoS of a STUN [FOC] vs PER (Light / Sounds) [PHY if Electical]
SUMMON 4 per Sidekick Summon Sidekicks to aid you in battle This power allows for the summoning of sidekicks to aid you in battle. All sidekicks summoned this way have the same stats. See below: Stats d6, Health 6, They appear immediatly within 15′
SWING 3 swing across area When activated the chaarcter can create an item to use to swing across 100′ distance. AS a HARD ACTION May use to swing into combat, and grants +1 per 5′ distance to Unarmed [AGI] Vs DEF and Does STR V PHY DMG. This Power is SOFT ACTION TO USE
TECHNOLOGY CONTROL 4 Technology Control When this power is activated, when ever the user touches or interfaces with a piece of Electrical Or Mechanical Technology, the user can control the device. on a succesful TECH CONT [AGI] Vs Targets Opperators Skill.
TECHNOLOGY MANIPULATION 2/+1 Technology enhancement Multiple Targets (+4) – Effects All within 15′ of touched target. When this power is activated, when ever the user touches or interfaces with a piece of Electrical Or Mechanical Technology, the user can control the effectivness of the device. This can Grant a Bonus while this Power is active or a Penalty.
TELEKINESIS 5 Maipulate objects with the power of your mind This power allows the user to move objects around by way of some invisible force. If the object is a unwilling sentient being then a Telekinesis[MND] Vs Targets MND is required to lift them. Slaming a Target against a surface is the same as above and DMG roll is MND Vs Targets DGM RES. TK Throwing an object at a Target is a TK[MND] Vs Targets DEF, DMG is PER + Object Size Mod Vs Targets DMG RES. The size of an object that can be lifted is consulted on the strength lift chart but use MND instead.
TELEMPATHY 5 Effect and Read anothers emotions AOE (+2) all within 10′ of the target are effected, Seperate MND RES ROLLS. What activated a target (Range Touch), emotions can be determined or effected. TELEMPATHY [MND] Vs Targets MND Allows the user to read the emotions of the target or change the emotions of the character. Sadness, Panic, Happy, etc… This change will cause the target 3 Stun and the Target will suffer -3 for three rounds. The power is an instant power
TELEPATHY 4 Read minds and send message AOE (+4) Search all minds within 50′; Increased Range (+2) Send message to a mind within MND LVL Miles; Expanded Range (+4) Character can send message across whole planet; Interdimensional (+6) Can send message to anywhere; Broadcast (+1 / target) Send message to multiple targets within range. When activate a character can read the mind of a target within 50′ or send a message to a target within line of sight. To read surface thoughts requires a successful TELEPATHY [MND] Vs Targets MND Check a DoS of 10 or more can detect deeper hidden thoughts.
TELEPORT 6 May Teleport to a location of choice. Teleport Others (+1 per personl – Unwilling targets resist contest = Teleport [FOC] Vs FOC); Unseen Location (+4) Teleporting into an unseen location that the teleporter has seen before requires a D10 Teleport [FOC] check, each Negative DoS = Hits taken.; Interdimensional (+8) Character can teleport to anywhere This power allows a character to telport to a location that they are able to see. Teleport attack, As a Hard action the Teleporter may Teleport and attack. The Teleporter Adds their STL LVL to ATTK. The Teleporter suffers 2 Stun.
TELESCOPIC VISION 2 Ability to see far away While active this power grants the user the ability to see upto 20 miles away and gain +2 SPOT[PER] checks, ignore all range modifiers
TEMPRETURE MANIPULATION 4 Effect temprature When activated this power can be used to effect the temprature in the immediate vacinity covering AOE of 500′ All within suffer a -3 to all actions
TERRIFYING AURA 4 Causes Fear to all withint 10′ When activated the power surrounds the user with a aura that causes fear to all within 10′. All must succedd vs a FEAR[FOC] Vs MND roll, They suffer Stun equal to the DoS of the Fear roll, and must move away and not come within 50′ of the User.
TOUGH SKIN 2/+1 Armoured Skin Effect Others (+1 / +1) By touching the target it gain sthe benefits of the power instead. This power grants the user toughened skin, how it looks is up to the caster, but it Provides a bonus to the DMG RES
TRANSLATE 2 talk and understand languages Effect Others (+1 / Target) Chacarter Can speak and understand all languaes.
TRANSMUTATION 8 transform substance into a different substance. AOE [+4] Effects AOE 15′ This Power transforms a substance into a different substance. Flesh to stone, Rock to water etc… To do so is a D:d12+2 to non Sentient. Transmuting a sentitent being is a TRNASMUTATION [FOC] Vs Targets PHY +FOC LVL. DoS equals Stun and Health. If HEALTH reduced to 0 the target is completely transmuted and cannot act while power is activated and suffers 1 health a round dmg until perishes.
WATER CREATION 2 create Water AOE (+2) AOE 15′ When this power is activated the character can create water in a5′ area. at a range of 50′, This causes an automatic 2 Stun, Fore based beasts suffer WC[FOC] VS PHY DMG, Non sentient fire is extinguished.
WATER MANIPULATION 1 Control Water Antagonise (+3 / -1) Target within AOE 15′ suffers penalty to all actions; DMG (+3) Targets within AOE 15′ taek EM [FOC] Vs PHY DMG; Animate (+3) Has D6 Stats; Slow (+1/5′ MR Reduction) Targets MR is reduced. Activate this power to manipultae AOE 10′ of water at a range of 100′ , water can be moved at a rate oof 50′
WEATHER CONTROL 1 Create Weather pockets. FOG (+2) +4 STL -4PER; RAIN (+1/-1) ALL ACtions, Acid Rain (+4) 1 Health a Round while active; THund Clap (+2) WC [FOC] V FOC Suffer 3 Stun; Lignting Strike (+3) WC [AGI] Vs DEF or siffer FOC DMG +5 Vs PHY; Hurricane (+4) MR 5′ WC [FOC] V STR or Be pushed back DoS x 2′ (RND Up to nearest 5′) ; Tornado (+5) AOE 30′ All within WC [FOC] V STR or snatched up and rnd d12 direction WC[FOC] roll x 5′ distance and take KB DMG = Distance Difficulty (Distance /5′ in Difficulty LVL) Vs PHY DMG; BLIZZARD (+4) -3 all actions, MR -15′ When this Power is activated the character can control the environmental weather in the immidiate area,, Choose Enhancement for Effects, Effects area within sight unless stated in waether enhancement
WALL CRAWLING 2 Crawl across vertical surfaces and ceilings. Extra Move (+1 / 5′), Effect Others (+2) Can grant a target touched the ability to walk crawl. While this power is active the user can crawl across any surface with an MR 15′
WHIRLWIND 5 Create a whirling force of energy When activated a character can create a whirlwind and move it at a rate of 15 MR. AOE 30′ All within WC [FOC] V STR or snatched up and rnd d12 direction WC[FOC] roll x 5′ distance and take KB DMG = Distance Difficulty (Distance /5′ in Difficulty LVL) Vs PHY DMG; BLIZZARD (+4) -3 all actions, MR -15′.
X-RAY SIGHT 3 See through solid objects Penetration (+2/5′) This perk gives the user the ability to see through solid objects that are less than 10′ thick