MVP: Star Guard – Issue #2: Duplicity [August 1st 2017]


The Star Guard trapped in the basement of the hospital after the explosion of GIZMO find themselves, escaping into a collapsing hospital… The team immediately burst into action, saving the patients and staff alike. Mechy meets up with an old engineering friend who investigates the blast. It appears there were other bombs in the hospital.

While the emergency services are hard at work with the hospital. Blink notices an alarm echoing in a near by street. Investigating the team find a bank robbery in process by a single robber. The team move in to apprehend the robber, only to find that this is no ordinary robber. It’s Duplicity, any time he took a physical attack he duplicated. The team soon found themselves desperately outnumbered!

Eventually the team talked Duplicity round. Learning he was just down on his luck, seeing the potential of having Duplicity as part of their team, They convince him to join…

Thunder learns that a shuttle with someone matching the description of their Murder suspect has left the planet… The Star Guard are in hot pursuit!

1st Place: RICH

2nd Place: Dragongirl & Neon

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