Welcome to GMD Online

GMD is a Gaming Multimedia Design Company, dedicated to bring you high quality gaming products for use with the your table top games or virtual table top games.

GMD works closely with it’s Patreon Members to provide them with the resources they require for free or at a greatly reduced cost.

The GMD Online products will help you become the hero you were born to be!

See below for all products and downloads!

  • GMD is developing the CORE RPG providing it’s Patreon supporters the game rules for free online with amazing high-quality artwork. GMD will design and produce PDF versions of the rules and it’s settings for an affordable price. (Free to certain Tiers of support)
  • GMD will also develop Video and Audio Rule Explanations.

GMD are developing Campaign Settings, Dungeons, Lairs, Places of Interest and Adventures galore! For:

  • Savage Worlds
  • D&D 5th Edition
  • and other open license games.

All available for free online for Patreon Members. PDF and Printed Books will be available (Free to certain Tiers)

  • Role Playing Comics, where you can create heroes and GMD will develop a comic based on your actions just like duringĀ  an RPG.
  • Patreon supporters will be supplied a printed copy any comic they take part in for free, as well as PDF / CBR formats.
  • GMD are currently in development of a variety of comic titles to take part in.
  • Join the GMD Sponsered FDG Fractured Delirium Games Club!
  • Role Playing Games such as D&D, Savage Worlds, World of Darkness, Warhammer etc.. Played on a variety of Virtual Table Top Applications such as FG2, TTS, R20, NWN2 & Talespire.
  • Competitions, Board Games, Card Games, MMO’s, or just for a chat with like minded individuals.
  • Online Leagues including Blood Bowl, Rocket Ball teams etc…
  • Patreons gain priority booking!
  • All games are FREE to play for all!
  • GMD also create a variety of posters and collectable cards.
  • You can also purchase products from our Reddubble Store: T-Shirts, Stationery, Wall Art, Phone Covers and much more…
  • Have your characters and NPCs Immortalised as Commissioned Artwork for free as a Patron Member!
  • Also available at a competitive price!
  • GMD Online will soon begin the creation of high-quality Battle Maps.
  • GMD is in the process of creating atmospheric Gaming Music for Patreons to use in your games and live streams for free.
  • These will be available at a competitive price soon.
  • GMD is in the process of developing the War CORE wargaming rules, which will include a series of settings for a variety of different genres.
  • GMD will make these rules free on the website and develop PDFs and Printed Books, with a professional outlook for it’s Patreon Members. (Depending on Tiers)
  • GMD develops beautifully crafted gaming Miniatures. (Free to certain Tiers of Support).
  • Available soon!
  • GMD develops Video Tutorials for it’s products.
  • GMD will host a variety of workshops for GMing advice, Designing Adventure and Campaigns.
  • GMDbroadcasts Live Streams of the CORE RPG and other games.
  • Catch up on your favourite games now by visiting the MVP write up page.
  • Patreon Members can take part in Live Stream Games (Coming Soon!)
  • GMD is in production of high-quality artwork and beautifully sculpted playing pieces for a variety of tactical board games based on the GMD CORE RPG Settings.
  • Available soon!
  • GMD will convert all products into online extension packs for use with your favourite VTT Interfaces.
  • These will be freely available to PAtreon Members (Tiers Depending)
  • GMD is currently developing a collectable card game.
  • There will be a variety of competitions and prized to be won.
  • GMD provides detailed Tokens and Figure Flats for free.
  • High Quality and Premium Version are available to purchase or free to Patreons.