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Welcome to GMD Online

GM Draeus is an artist and designer dedicated to producing bespoke products that are:

  • Quality Assured
  • Quick to Learn &
  • Exciting to Play!

So that you can become the Hero You were born to be!

Roleplaying Games

  • Rules
  • Expansion Guides
  • CORE Worlds
  • Adventures

Become a VIP Member Today & Enjoy:

  • Monthly XP to spend in the store
  • Earn Shards to use in Nexus Online Foundry VTT CORE RPG game
  • Extra rewards for winning MVP in GMD run demo/playtest games
  • Personal Service: Dedicated time spent on a product of your choice!
  • Access to works in progress
  • Access to all rules, guides, and CORE Worlds online for free.

Endless Stories

GMD Online’s CORE Worlds promise to

inspire, excite and provide countless

years of epic campaigns!

Card & Dice Game

  • Every Card in one box
  • Extra Expansions
  • Uses the CORE Rules
  • Expand your options by purchasing cards singly!

Available Now!

Comic Roleplaying Games

GMD Online Patreon Members take part
in Player driven Comics.

Theirs actions drawn onto the pages
of full colour Comic and produced as
Comic Books for all to read!

  • Available in Print & PDF
  • All new titles taking place, Join now!

GMD Patreon Member

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Rewards such as:

  • FREE Art, Comics & Graphic Novels.
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  • Preview of up and coming products
  • Have a say in the design of our products
  • Characters appear in GMD Online products.
  • Member-only Games
  • Playtest up and coming games and settings first!
  • and much, much more!

All from as little as $1.50 (75p) a month! Cheaper than a coffee!

GMD Online Future Products

It is an exciting time for GMD Online!

We will be producing a variety of Tabletop Gaming Products!

  • RPG Guides
  • Adventures
  • CORE Worlds
  • Board Games
  • War Games
  • Trading Card Games
  • and much, much more!