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Onslaught is a competitive Card & Dice game.

Each £5 Box is for one player (2 Boxes needed for 2 players)

You are an inter-dimensional Celestial Entity, participating in a deadly game of life & death set across the Multiverse of the Nexus, a collection of worlds both wondrous and mysterious. Your journey has taken you across time & space through the CORE Worlds to recruit Champions and an arsenal of tricks to help conquer your opponents, in a deadly game of Celestial power. Victor takes dominion over the territory being contested. Do you have what it takes to expand your domain?

DICE NOT INCLUDED! - Available from most game stores...


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Product Range


Pegasus Engine CORE RPG is a fast Cinematic Action Roleplaying Game, Easy to learn and fast to play! One game to play them all!

Coming Soon!

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Card &  Board Games

We are currently developing a variety of Family Board Games including:

  • Astro Cross
  • Cascade
  • Demolition Ball
  • Miniature Wars
  • Onsalught

Available Soon!
Comic Book/Art

In development are a variety of comic titles and accomanying artwork. 

All characters are created by VIP Members and are featuyred throughout all our product range!

Starguard available now!

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